Site Name Description & Highlights Owner Main Scope Dimitra: Pan-Olympian Association, Karpathos  Features the electronic version of the "Voice of Olympos" newspaper.  Dimitra The Karpathian Geneology Website  It features geneology information from Karpathos, the result of (15) years of work. It has over ten thousand (10000) mostly Karpathian individuals, from the villages of Aperi and Pigadia. However, there are links to other villages such as Volada, Othos, Arkasa and Menetes.  Nikos Antimissiaris  karpathos In Karpathos  Latest News and pictures from the Island of Karpathos. Photo albums, which include old B&W picture of people & places.  George & Sophia Felix  karpathos ARKASA - Karpathos  News from Arkassa  arkasa Olympos & Diafani of Karpathos  News and information about Olympos & Diafani  Manolis Sofillas from Olympos, Karpathos  olympos Olympos  Information about Olympos  G. Giorgakis from Olympos  olympos I LOVE KARPATHOS 4EVER, "OFFICIAL KARPATHOS CLUB"    George Vassilarakis from Othos  karpathos 
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